Our web offer

Easy and fast online
A beautiful, simple, profes­sional, performant and above all not expen­sive website. We create it for you, starting from CHF 690.-, with the following features:
  • Home page with navigation menu
  • Up to 5 pages with text and images supplied by you
  • Contact page with Google Maps
  • Legal notice page
  • Integration of social media
  • Setup of up to 3 e-mail accounts (incl. webmail)
Starting from CHF 690.-
Here is an example of a website for just CHF 690.-.
Do you need some­thing special or more complex?
fine art Did you get started with a simple website and now want to turn it into some­thing special? Or do you need a more compre­hensive website for your busi­ness from the very start? With addi­tional modules, functio­nalities, program­ming and various arts, we create your own jewel for you.
Here is a selection:
  • Contact forms
  • Web shop
  • Multilingualism
  • Animations
  • Complex picture galleries
  • Blog
  • News system
  • ... and anything else you could possibly want
That too, we can make available to you
As soon as your website reaches a certain size, the creation of a concept is indi­spen­sable. A story should accompany the visitors through your website, which should be told with the help of pictures, typo­graphy, graphics, navi­gation, ... We will be happy to advise you and create a concept for you if you wish.
Once you have your web­site up and running, you may be won­dering how you can make changes yourself. If you wish, we can design your website in such a way that you can edit parts of it very easily, without prior know­ledge and without risk.
Pictures do not only make your website more beautiful and elegant. They act as story­tellers so that your product or service can be better visua­lised and under­stood. And: Websites with images not only perform better in search rankings, but also attract more attention when they appear on search results pages.
If you yourself do not have suitable images for your web­site, you can choose from our com­mercial graphic and photo databases (CHF 10 per stock image).
On request, we process your images with profes­sional tools.
Would you like to have profes­sional images for your website without using stock images? Would you like to spice up your website with a video? Here, too, we have the perfect solution for you. Our friends at Trimell offer you their exper­tise in photo­graphy and video production.
Individual anima­tions will give your web­site a modern look and help you stand out from the compe­tition.
In co-operation with trusted exter­nal partners, we handle the drafting, correc­tion or revision of texts for your website in several lan­guages.
We can also help you with the selection and regi­stration of domain names. If you wish, we can also take care of regular fee payments or make changes to settings (e.g. name server).
This is part of our standard service and is included with all websites
Simply contact us with your request. An initial consul­tation is of course free of charge.
In the age of mobility, it is essential that your website not only looks great on a desktop PC, but is also displayed optimally on smartphones and tablets. With responsive web design, we ensure that your site adapts to every screen.
Nobody likes slow websites. Neither do we.
We secure your website with SSL encryp­tion. This means that your website also impro­ves its Google ranking, since as of July 2018 encryption is regarded as a SEO measure.
With various measures we improve the Google ranking of your website, among other things with metadata on each page, the creation of sitemap and robots files and the registration with Google. And, of course, by taking SEO best practice into account when designing each page.
With the coming into force of the GDPR – the European General Data Protec­tion Regu­lation – on 25 May 2018, every website must contain a data protec­tion decla­ration. We can provide your website with a text entitled "Data Protec­tion Decla­ration and Terms of Use".
Operation of your website
We ensure trouble-free operation of your website from as little as CHF 10.- per month.