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There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot,
but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence,
transform a yellow spot into sun.

Pablo Picasso

Would you like your books, eBooks or flyers to attract more attention?

Professional support with design, print preparation, editing and translation.

The design and layout of a publication are important factors for the success of your product. We offer you support for producing publications of any kind (books, eBooks, flyers, cards,...). Where required, we can help you choose layouts, fonts, images and your colour concept, and in addition support you in editing and translating your content. Through the use of professional tools, our work will be delivered to the specifications of your printing company.

Books – Design, layout and print preparation

Cover design
fine art The cover is an important part of your book. It's the first thing the customer sees, the first thing they use in deciding whether to pick up your book. We transform your idea or the character of your work into a visually appealing, high-quality book cover. And we can prepare photos and graphics from professional databases or use the images you provide.

Inner layout
Do not compromise on the inner design of your book. We design its content according to the guidelines of professional publishing. And where you have specific ideas, we will of course discuss them with you and fulfil them.

eBooks – Design and conversion

fine art The market share of eBooks is growing rapidly. Perhaps you too are asking yourself whether your book should also – or even only – be published as an eBook.
We can convert your book file into the two main eBook formats for you, the standard format epub and the Amazon-specific format mobi. If we have already processed the layout of your book for you, this conversion is possible at little cost.

Cards, flyers, posters – Design and layout

We will take care of the design of your cards, flyers and posters according to your wishes and provide you with professional photos and graphics or use your images, as you require. The final product is a print-ready InDesign and/or PDF file.

Editing, proofreading / Translation

If you want to appeal to and impress your target audience, editing and proofreading are indispensable. Our trustworthy partner Textengel takes care of that. Katharina Engelkamp and her team are also at your side when it comes to publishing your work.
High-quality translations of your texts are also crucial, which we ensure through co-operation with long-standing partners.