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There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot,
but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence,
transform a yellow spot into sun.

Pablo Picasso

Would you like to attract attention with your books, eBooks or flyers?

With us you get the most artistic design à la carte.

The design and layout of a publication are impor­tant factors for the success of your product. We offer you support according to your wishes and needs when designing publi­cations of any kind (books, eBooks, flyers, cards, ...). We can help you choose the right layout, fonts, images and colour concept, also when editing and trans­lating.

Books – Design and layout

Cover design
fine art The cover is perhaps the most important part of your book. It's the first thing the custo­mer sees, the first thing they use to decide whether to take the book into their hands. We trans­form your vision into a visually appealing, high-quality book cover. Or we design some­thing suitable from scratch. We can use and pre­pare photos and graphics from profes­sional databases or the images you provide.

Inner layout
Do not compro­mise on the inner structure of your book. We design its content accor­ding to the guide­lines of profes­sional publishing. If you have concrete ideas in mind, we will be happy to work with you to meet your expec­tations.

eBooks – Design and conversion

fine art The share of eBooks in the book market is growing rapidly. So the question arises as to whether one's own book should also – or even only – be published as an eBook.
We handle the conver­sion of your book file to the two main eBook formats for you, the stan­dard format epub and the Amazon-specific format mobi. If we have already proces­sed the layout of your book for you, this conver­sion is possible with small expen­diture.

Cards, flyers, posters – Design and layout

Today, cards, flyers and posters can be created quickly and easily. If, however, you would like some­thing profes­sional and outstanding, it is advisable to seek expert advice.
We will take care of the design accor­ding to your wishes, provide you with profes­sional photos and graphics or use your images. The final product is a print-ready InDesign and/or PDF file.

Editing / Translation

If you want to appeal to and impress your target audience, editing is indi­spensable for your media product, as is a high-quality translation. To achieve this, we work with exter­nal trust­worthy partners with whom your product is in good hands.