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He who would learn to fly one day
must first learn to stand and walk and run
and climb and dance – one cannot fly into flying.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Any concern you may have: We come flying to you!

We support you on site.

Ob Unternehmen oder Privatpersonen, auf jeden Fall ist es vorteilhaft und gewinnbringender, wenn das Support vor Ort, in der eigenen Arbeitsumgebung und bei den eigenen Geräten in Empfang genommen wird.

Flying Coaching for compa­nies

We will discover for you where there is potential to increase efficiency  – together with you and at your side.
fine art Have you ever wondered how much your company could gain if all your employees were to reach their full potential?
For example, there is a lot of potential in the use of everyday tools such as MS Word and MS Excel. These have meanwhile grown into very powerful all-rounders who allow you to do your work very efficiently ... providing you know their functions and know how to use them.
We talk to your employees, observe work­flows, give immediate tips and recom­menda­tions for further efficiency-enhancing measures.

One possible measure to exploit the potential for increasing efficiency is through training. This we tailor to the needs, tasks and capabilities of your employees. In small groups and very practice-oriented.

You need to format a Word document, process data in Excel or display them graphically, animate a PowerPoint presentation, create serial letters, ...? But you don't know how to do it, you don't have the time or you find it more efficient to have it done by a professional? We are also there for you in such cases.

For seniors (but not only)

Don't despair! We help you with computers, smartphones, tablets, ... according to your needs and speed.
fine art
Our flyer (in German)
Do you despair at times? Everything is digitalized, auto­mated, one has to commu­nicate more and more with machines instead of people, and ... yet you have to cope with it. Especially for older people, access to the new techno­logies can be frighte­ning, frustra­ting, almost an impossibility.
We help (not only) seniors who feel they cannot keep up with technological progress to find their way around our digital world.
We come to your home and support you in all your questions and concerns. You don't have to attend any courses and can learn much more efficiently and quickly just what you need, at your own pace and with as many repeti­tions as you need ... But we are also at your disposal after­wards, for example by telephone or via remote main­tenance.

We offer among other things:
  • Advice on the selection and purchase of a device (computer, tablet, smart­phone, ...)
  • Provision of the device, procu­rement and instal­lation of the neces­sary apps and soft­ware
  • Training in using your new device
  • Setting up e-mails
  • Training in MS Office appli­cations (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...)
  • Consulting and training in photo and video editing
  • Help with editing, format­ting, setting up documents
  • ... and everything for which you need further help ...
Have a look here for the details and prices (in German).

For teena­gers and children (and their parents)

Beyond Snapchat, Insta­gram and Youtube
fine art Most recent gene­rations have been born with elec­trical devices such as smart­phones and tablets and are very familiar with them. But what if know­ledge other than Insta­gram, Snap­chat, Youtube or computer games is needed? If instead Word, Excel, Power­Point or photo and video editing systems are required?
There we help fill the necessary know­ledge gaps.
Sometimes another gene­ration, the parents, are also overbur­dened when their children, for example, have to buy a device or computer program for school. That's where we can assist.

We visit you at home and help you on site. We offer among other things:
  • Consulting and training in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...)
  • Consulting and training in photo and video editing
  • Advice on the purchase of suitable equipment and instal­lation of the neces­sary apps and software
  • Support for other issues, such as setting up e-mail accounts
  • ... and anything that children and parents yet need help with ...