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He who would learn to fly one day
must first learn to stand and walk and run
and climb and dance – one cannot fly into flying.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Any concern you may have: We come flying to you…

…and we support you on site

Whether company or private individual, there is always advantage and greater profitability when support is delivered on-site, in one's own working environment, using one's own system and hardware.

Flying Coaching for compa­nies

We will show you where there is potential to increase efficiency.
fine art Have you ever wondered how much your company could benefit if your employees were to achieve the full potential of your IT tools? You would be surprised!
For example, there is a lot of hidden potential in the use of MS Word and MS Excel. Over the years, these Microsoft apps have grown into very powerful do-almost-anything tools which enable highly efficient organisation of daily work… providing you know their functionality and how to use them.
We talk to your employees, observe workflows, give immediate tips and suggest recommendations for further efficiency-enhancing measures.

In-house training is not only suitable for enhancing the skills of individual employees, but it can also promote smooth, efficient and effective collaboration within the company. We tailor our trainings to your needs, to the actual tasks and capabilities of your employees. In small groups and very practice-oriented.

Ad hoc Support
You need to format a Word document, process data in Excel or display data graphically, animate a PowerPoint presentation, generate a mass mailing,...? But you don't know how to do it, you don't have the time or you find it more efficient to have it done by a professional? We are also there for you in such situations. We can either complete such ad hoc tasks for you or provide support by telephone, email or remote connection for specific questions. Contact us for an offer.

For seniors (but not only)

Don't despair! We can help you with computers, smartphones, tablets,... according to your needs and the pace at which you work.
fine art
Our flyer (in German)
Do you despair at times? Everything is digital, automated, one has to communicate more and more with machines instead of people, and... yet you have to cope with it. Especially for older people, access to the new technologies can be frightening, frustrating, almost an impossibility.
We help seniors (but not only) find their way in our digital world.
We come to your home and support you in finding answers to your concerns. You don't have to attend any courses and you can learn much more efficiently and quickly exactly what you need, at your own pace and with as many repetitions as you need... But we are also at your disposal afterwards, for example by telephone or via remote access.

We offer among other things:
  • Advice on the selection and purchase of new devices (computer, tablet, smartphone,...)
  • Configuration and installation of the device, purchase and installation of the necessary apps and software
  • Training in using your new device
  • Setting up e-mail software
  • Training in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...)
  • Consulting and training in photo and video editing
  • Help with editing, formatting, setting up documents
  • ...and everything else for which you need further help...
Look here for the details and prices (in German).

For teena­gers and children (and their parents)

Beyond Snapchat, Insta­gram and YouTube
fine art The most recent generation has grown up with electrical devices such as smartphones and tablets and are very familiar with them. But what if they need knowledge beyond Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and computer games? If instead Word, Excel, PowerPoint or photo and video editing systems are required?
Then we can help fill the necessary knowledge gaps.
Sometimes another generation, the parents, are out of their depth when their children, for example, need to buy a device or computer program for school.
That's where we can assist.

We visit you at home and help you on site. We offer among other things:
  • Consulting and training in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...)
  • Consulting and training in photo and video editing
  • Advice on the purchase of suitable devices and installation of the necessary apps/ software
  • Private tuition in computer science, physics, chemistry for every school level
  • Support for other issues, such as setting up e-mail accounts
  • ...and anything else that children and parents need help with...