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Light is the task where many share the toil.


Project support

We are glad to be at your side

In the course of our professional career, we have had the opportunity to participate in numerous IT-related projects in various roles. We are glad to put the experience we have gained in these projects to work for you.

Project management

fine art Leading projects means more than simply following the project management textbook. Taking the needs of the stakeholders into account, inspiring the project team, achieving or even exceeding goals in terms of time, budget and quality, choosing the appropriate approach for the situation – all these challenges are what make us enthusiastic about managing projects.

Business analysis / Requirements engineering

Only about 30% of software development projects are successful, i.e. more than 2/3 of all software projects do not achieve their goals. One of the most frequent reasons is the inadequate specification of the required functionality. This inevitably leads to qualitatively inadequate results and/or to schedule and cost overruns. On your behalf, we will undertake the role of analysing and defining the requirement of your new software.


The great, sometimes even decisive significance of software testing as part of the development process is unfortunately often underestimated. Testing is often neglected because it is long and tedious. Tests require not only concepts, meaningful test cases and precise error descriptions, but also patience, perseverance, attentiveness and imagination. We enjoy outsmarting your software!

Instructions for use, user manuals, technical documentation

fine art A software project is ultimately only successful when it has been deployed and has achieved the result that was envisaged. Good user guides and manuals play an important role because they not only increase acceptance and efficiency, but also help to avoid operating errors. As result of personal experience, we place high value on documents that not only inform about features and functions, but above all, help the user understand and operate the system in a coherent way.