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Light is the task where many share the toil.


You don’t know how to go on?

It doesn't have to come to this. We are happy to be at your side.

In our long standing career we worked with the most different methods and techniques for project management, test management, business analysis, requirement engineering, etc. Our conclusion: a systematic project plan is important, but there is no “best” method. We are rather of the opinion that optimal procedure and structure differ from project to project and from customer to customer. Therefore we pick from the different tools in each case whatever promises the best results, mix it with pragmatism, experience and passion, and behold... The project is a success!

Project management

fine art Are your projects always above budget? Do you miss dead­lines and your team lacks moti­vation? Often these are sure signs that you are missing an impor­tant person on your team.
The complexity and resource requi­rement of projects are often under­estimated and project mana­gement responsi­bility is delegated to employees who actually have no capacity for this. This is the moment when you despe­rately miss a project manager – desperately miss us...

Business analysis / Requirement engineering

Only about 30% of software develop­ment projects are successful, i.e. more than 2/3 of all software projects do not reach their planned goal. One of the most frequent reasons is the lack of specification of the desired functionalities. It is almost a law of ulti­mate justice: everyone gets only and exactly what they have specified. We will identify and describe the requi­rements for your new software for you. We slip into the shoes of all stake­holders.


The great, sometimes even decisive importance of software tests in the development process is unfor­tunately often under­estimated. And testing is often neglected because it is long and tedious. Tests require not only concepts, meaningful test cases, precise error descrip­tions, etc., but also patience, perse­verance, attenti­veness and imagi­nation. We enjoy out­smarting your software!

Instructions for use, user manuals, technical documentation

fine art Have you ever been annoyed because the instruc­tions for use for your new acqui­sition are useless? So have we, more than once. It is therefore our perso­nal concern to create documents that not only inform about features and functions, but above all, help the user under­stand and operate the system in a compre­hensible way.